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Funny Or Not How funny is this? Do tell! We recommend funny things.
Opinionize Presidential Election, 2016 This is a website where people are able to express their opinions on anything and everything regarding the 2016 elections in the USA.
Hot or Not We rate people by their physical attractiveness. Now let's see who is the most beautiful people on this planet!
Rate Your Games Gaming Jury is the default video game review subjury.
Panjury's Number One News Source As the name suggests, we share news and comment on news items on this subjury, now that we are able to post without creating a subject.
Moral Compass Hitler may be a badass, but he's downright evil. Moral Indicator is, as its name suggests, a measurement of someone's morality. Is he a good guy? Is he a villain? You decide!
Movie Review This site reviews movies and movies only. Simple as that.
Overwatch Fan Review The purpose of this Subjury is to serve as a community platform where users can review/give feedback or opinions on anything related to Overwatch. Because of the Panjury platform, everything will be very neatly organized and easy for people to look up.
Smartest people on earth. We rate people based on intelligence. Now let's find out who's the smartest (or dumbest) people on earth!
NBA Greatest of All Time Who's the greatest NBA players? Which is the best NBA team right now? Cast your vote, voice your opinions!
Stuff About Technology Technology is a subsite that talks about cutting edge technology.
Love Of Food Let's talk about food! Your favorite cuisine, cooking, food preparation and all that!
Share your animalistic love! Share news about animals. Share your personal verdicts of anything related to animals. This is a community site for animal lovers to socialize. Haters not welcomed!
Making Sense of Politics is a place where you can review or share anything related to politics.
The Bigoteer Databse The word 'Bigoteer" refers to an person who wrongfully labels others with terms that imply a certain bigotry (i.e. wrongfully calling someone a racist, sexist, xenophobic... ) for personal gain. Being wrongfully labeled in today's society as a racist,...
Military Review We review anything related to military equipments
Love Of Fashion Share your wardrobe idea and review fashion products.
Unique Gift Ideas This is a site designed to help people who are confuse about exactly what gifts to buy their loved ones during special celebration like Christmas, Birthday, Val, Mother and Father's Day, Anniversary etc
The higher the rating, the scarier the movie I lied. This site actually rates TV show, as well as books and stories in the horror genre
Opinions of Youtube Opinions Of Youtubers (Hereafter called OOY) is a community where users can share their opinions on any Youtuber or Youtube Channel out there. We've tried adding as many Youtubers & their channels to the OOY's database as possible, but if you cannot fi...
Not safe for work at all Share good NSFW stuff and rate NSFW related stuff. Nuff said.
Empire of Porn A place where you can find out what people love and hate about porn stars
The Darkscape Courtroom This website is the ONLY Darkscape courtroom there is out there. Users can bring forth the opinions they have on other players, clans, and many other aspects of Darkscape.
Geopolitics Discussion Geopolitics is a method of studying foreign policy to understand, explain and predict international political behavior through geographical variables. These include area studies, climate, topography, demography, natural resources, and applied science of th...
Book Reviews A subjury dedicated to review and opinionize books.
Health care This is the site where everybody can post information related to Health News, Latest Technology in Health Field, Different Diet controls etc
The Best & Worst of Reddit Reddit doesn't do a very good job of recommending good subreddits. Let's make their job easier.
Libertarianism This is a subjury for discussing things related to the ideology of Libertarianism. Generally this is more focused on Libertarianism within the United States which tends to be more fiscally conservative than it is in European countries. This is also, at...
World of Warcraft Jury Opinionize every little thing inside World of Warcraft, including characters, instances, classes, and more!
Game of Thrones Jury Discuss the HBO TV series Game of Thrones, review episodes, characters and anything related to Game of Thrones.
Panjury Community Feedback Got a bug? Want to request a feature? We got you covered
Restaurant Reviews (food dishes) This is a place for Panjury members to review specific food items from restaurants rather than restaurants as a whole. Whopper, Quarter Pounder, Thickburger? Love it? Hate it? Talk about it!
Jesse Radin (author) This is a self-important subjury about me and for me, Jesse Radin. Review my books, my ideas, my thoughts. As Lisa Simpson once said, "Look at me! Grade me! Evaluate and rank me! I'm good, good, good and oh so smart!"
Review Western Classical Music This subjury specializes in classical music. It is a place reserved for fans looking for recommendations and critics having opinions to share. We welcome you all!
Pop Music Review and share anything about pop music. From any country, regardless of language.
Cosplay of all kinds, hot girls and boys both I understand we already have one panjury for hot girls and guys. But I wanted to make one separate for cosplay only. This is for all those who wish to discuss and showcase some really awesome cosplay. Also no incredibly lewd or NSFW stuff. Post all that in...
Stargazing 101 Panjury lacks a place to post fascinating astronomy photos and stuff. This is it!
Kawaii invades the world! Post anything cute & adorable. Post your dogs and cats. Post your favorite cartoon characters. Post your kids. Post all the lovely things in this world!
Marvel Heroes Review We need a place to consolidate and aggregate all opinions in an easy-to-read manner. Marvel Heroes Review lets you recommend heroes, items and game mechanics for everyone to see. It's better than to post in a forum and let your opinions be buried in no tim...
Have they gone under the knife? People deny they have had plastic surgery all the time despite the "evidence". We're here to determine, by popular voting, whether or not a celebrity had gone under the knife.
Kickstarter Project Opinions This subjury is dedicated to reviewing Kickstarter Campaigns and their Creators. Have you ever been screwed over by a Kickstarter campaign creator? Has the product you received been nothing like the demo-videos that the creators posted? Or has your exp...
What things in your iOS devices? Anything about Apple Computer iOS. -AppStore app -iTunes content -Rumors/news on Apple Computer
SMU Thoughts (SMUT) This subjury is dedicated to reviewing and discussing anything related to Singapore Management University.
Major League Baseball Review Site There's a curious lack of baseball reviews on Panjury. We must change that!
Opinions of The Chinese University of Hong Kong This is the subjury of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Where people can write any opinion they have on anything related to CUHK.
I love programming! distinct programming hub for discussion on skills and practice.
Cars All cars, all models, Car Reviews, Vintage cars, Modern cars, Budget cars ,EXpensive cars, Family cars
The League of Legends Review Site This is the subjury dedicated to every and all opinions related to League of Legends. If you have any other category suggestion in mind then please contact the moderators!
Film Critics Review For far too long, have film critics been dictating what films do well and what films don't. Their opinions matter a lot because they are supposed to be "professional", but is this necessarily true? It's about damn time film critics themselves are subjected...
Marlborough College Malaysia Reviews This site is used for sharing your opinions on Marlborough College Malaysia teachers, students, or the school it's self.
Time Machine for .NET Time Machine for .NET: Every Developer’s Must-Have Tool for Reverse Debugging & Fast Root Cause Bug Identification.